Thursday, October 4, 2012

a Kimberly design....

a.k.a. Kimberly Crum .... several years ago ... I decided to leave the charted world for an indefinite time.  I loved it but sales were not what they needed to be.  Knitting had become the new favorite and even painted canvas was taking a hit.  So I 'retired'.  

In 2005 I went to work for The Needle Works here in Austin, Texas.  Being back around all the thread and canvas was a nice feeling and I took on the task of writing stitch guides for painted canvas sold through the shop.  It's given me many opportunities to explore new ideas and meet many different stitchers.  

On my off time I started to draw again.  In an earlier post I showed you some of my work from the 70's/80's.  I began to acquire a vast array of colored pencils and markers.  I discovered on line marketing and dabbled.  It was fun and I was enjoying myself.  I have quite a collection of illustrations for card art from this period of time.  

This brings me around to the now of my life.  All that card art is slowly inching it's way out of my head and onto canvas.  Circle of life so to speak.  The banner at the top of this blog was a card I drew the week before my daughters wedding three years ago.  I'm thinking I'd like to paint it even larger for a pillow.  Of course, still working full evenings are just not enough time to do 'all the stuff in my head'!  I may have to start making lists...anyone that really knows me....knows this is not a forte for me.  I'm big on post it's that live in my jeans pockets.  

Pictured below is a piece I created back in '98.  It was one of my most popular designs, titled appropriately enough, 'Evolve'....

"Evolve" a Kimberly design copyright 1998


  1. I still love this one. Absolutley beautiful and so serene. Do I have this pattern in my stash??? I will have to check and if not I need to get my hands on it. It seems rather appropriate for me at this point in my life. Thanks for continuing to provide beauty to the world!

  2. Thank you Rolyn, sweet of you to write. Let me know if you don't have it in your stash and can't find it locally.

  3. Of course I enlarged it to see all it's wonderful detail! It's so gorgeous, Kim. I love you work. Your beautiful banner would make a really fabulous pillow. xo

  4. Hi Paulette! You must be keeping very busy. How are the roses liking this cooler weather?
    Thank you for the compliments! Some day I will have a pillow of the banner for 'moi'! and whomever else wants one :-)

  5. This is a great design! I have to check and see if I have it!

  6. How lovely to read of how u have found yourcreativity coming full circle. I just love the way you use so much detail in your work, I can spend ages looking at a piece. I know just how you feel about never having enough time, my head is so full of ideas for things I ant to do too, i ought to live to 120 at least to fit them all in ;)


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