Sunday, November 11, 2012

retail therapy... version.
Just a few tubes of paint.
I really needed a small break from the painting process.  Below is a shot of several 'Butterfly Biscornu'.  I've since changed my tactic...found I could paint in the coral background first.  This discovery is saving me an enormous amount of time.  I'm pretty sure I read this tip on Barbara Elmore's blog. ... well, I don't see it, maybe she posted on FB.  Either, credit where due.  

Step one in the thankful to be painting so many.

"Butterfly Biscornu" releases January 2013
a Kimberly design with custom fabric for finishing.
First in a series of seven designs.

The other six Biscornu.


  1. Is there any store where we can order just one Biscornu. I have been looking for an unusual pin cushion. These are beautiful and the stitches look like fun.
    Pam Bustamante

  2. Hi Pam,
    The Needle Works will sell individuals once that month has passed. So after the middle of the should be able to call the shop and order the one you like best. Of course, if you want July''ll have to wait for a bit. The Needle Works in Austin, Texas has them exclusively until after the club ends in July. Which one is your favorite so far? For me it seems to be the one I'm working on :-)


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