Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some finishing!

Whimsy Ornaments...
I designed these ages ago...stitched them a while ago too.  Then unceremoniously dropped them in my finishers lap with no real idea how to have them finished.  There were grand expectations that I would learn to do this myself...she looked at me like I was crazy...'wouldn't it be better to try on a simple round ornament for your first finishing attempt?' ... she gently proffered.  I did accomplish one...she did the rest...for which I am endlessly grateful.

Whimsy Ornament Collection a Kimberly design
Reindeer Whimsy a Kimberly design

Cat Whimsy a Kimberly design
Those of you that know me...have seen this cat before on a pin design.

Tree Whimsy a Kimberly design


  1. these are so cute! you are a creativity genuis!!

  2. Those are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!

  3. I will order 1 of each

  4. Thank you thank you! Pat,I'll email you shortly! What a great way to start my day today.

  5. these are so unique, colorful and full of different stitches. I will put these on my wish list for next year. thanks for posting. you did a beautiful job.

  6. I love these so much! I would be happy if my entire house were "whimsy". Always love your stuff...we might have to get together in Austin one day! My oldest daughter is at UT. :) Have a super day and keep up the great work!


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