Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I know, it's Wednesday already!

I started a part time job & work on Mondays.  So posting just flew out of my mind.  I do have something to show.  Guess I should go take a picture of it, huh?  

Almost ready for finishing.  Just need that centerpiece.
Lily Pond Biscornu
a Kimberly design ©2013

Couched wire and beading.  I love effects that are so very cool without  losing your mind  in the doing.
a Kimberly design ©2013

Little gold picots, I stared at these gold dots for a good while, then Voila!
a Kimberly design ©2013

I had a hard time cutting this up, would have made a great table cloth.
Paisley Biscornu Fabric design
a Kimberly design ©2013


  1. It's BEAUTIFUL, Kimberly!!! Even your teeniest details are just so wonderful!!! xo

  2. Thank you Paulette! I was showing Mom all of the pieces you've created on your blog. She loves Scottie dogs & hearts.
    Can you believe it's almost the weekend already, have a great one.


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