Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moving forward...

my small treat piece is finished.  Time to get to work on projects that have been waiting in the wings.

Very soon there will be new pieces to post!
Sir Chancelot all in paisley.
collaboration of a Kimberly design© & Karen Grant
aka 'Paisley Pup'
a Kimberly design© & Karen Grant
If you saw the earlier post of the beginnings...he had a white canvas background.  After completing the stitching I realized the white was too stark.  So I went the other way and painted it in with the magenta, then worked a simple open stitch to fill.  He still pops and the background is fun...may grow up to be a pillow soon.  


  1. Very nice, Kim. I like the colors, and the 'simple' open stitch ;)

    1. Hi Eileen! Thank you. Loved the picture of you, Mom, and Lynore! The lake looks amazing as usual, enjoy, k

  2. SO cute! When did Chance get his coat paislyed?

  3. Too cute! I like that this might "grow up to be a pillow" ~ Sarah


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