Tuesday, August 13, 2013

this weeks update...

...another glimpse 

Tons of texture and movement!  
Mothers' Rocker Biscornu©2013
a Kimberly design©
It was tongue in cheek confession time on FB this week.  There was a huge discussion on how much decorative stitching one needs to put into each piece of painted canvas.  OR...do you need to do any, 'What's wrong with just Tent stitching an entire piece??'  I enjoyed reading the comments, then decided for myself that life was just getting too serious and had to [in my humble way] interject some humor.  

I see nothing wrong with Tent stitching an entire piece as I love it myself.  It's very meditative for me, plus, there is the aspect of being able to hold an ongoing conversation or watch a show.  Wish I could figure out how to read...I know, books on tape Kim...but I'm not a fan.  I like holding a real book.  

Anyway, all kidding aside, I've spoken up before about Basketweave/Continental aka Tent stitch.  You know I love it.  I just can't teach a full day & a half class on it to a room full of stitchers that want to learn something new to them.  Hence, this latest design is chock full of texture, different threads and yes, there will be beads. 

So, lookout all of you wonderful members of the Huntsville Big Spring Chapter ANG, I'm back!  And this is all just for you!  


  1. Hi Kimberly

    Lovely! Is that a variation of the Star Stitch shown on Mary Corbetts site or is it a different stitch in the centers? BTW, I think your designs scream out for decorative stitches! To me every piece eventually tells me whether it wants to be bw or decorative. LOL

    Nancy in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

    1. Hi Nancy! I make these up as I go, so I've no idea. Could very well be. Mary's embroidery is amazing.
      Yes, every piece does tell you...if you listen :-)

  2. I want to play too! but I am in SC, Can I ghost this beautiful piece...It is my colors, and quite lovely :)

    1. Hi Kristen, Thank you, I can check with the guild to see. Message me on FB with your email address :-)
      If you can wait, it will be available the month after the class.

  3. I know you'll have fun with your class. '-)

    1. Oh Sarah, not only will I get to see many old friends, I've the opportunity to make many new friends as well. All with a love for thread & stitching in common, how great is that?!


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