Monday, October 14, 2013

and away we go!

I'll be in Huntsville, Alabama this coming weekend to teach a fun filled workshop!
Painted canvas, check,
Fabric, check,
Bead kits, check,
Stitch guide, check,
Stitched model, YES!
What's taking up space on my paint table now???
'Flying Jewels'
a new painted canvas design by me!
a Kimberly design©2013
I think Dragonflies are fascinating.  They come in so many colors! I've been visited often of late by some with magenta bodies that glisten in the sun ... like flying jewels !  I finally snapped a picture but only had my phone and it's a bit blurred.  Hopefully, one will pose for me again soon & I'll be more prepared.

Availability of the above will be announced very soon, get ready for it!  Keeping secrets is sooooo difficult!


  1. The dragon fly and cornflower piece is lovely! Can't wait to see more...!

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you, looking forward to showing you more designs soon!

  2. ...and I bet you're a great teacher too! :)
    Your new design looks beautiful Kim...but then again they ALL are!
    Secrets ARE so hard to keep sometimes, especially when we're excited about something and it's a good secret! xoxo


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