Thursday, October 3, 2013

where does a tiny gecko sleep...

enveloped in the leaf of a Dessert Rose, of course.
This was not an easy shot to's watching me very closely.
 It's dark, I'm balanced on a footstool!
One night I went out and there were tails hanging from at least four leaves.
Cuter from the side with tail hanging down.
Ready to launch from this hammock.
Bothersome human!


  1. How cute! Though I'm not sure I'd think that if I was the one to make the discovery.

    1. These are so teeny, body is probably 1.5" and they jump away from you. Not like the super gross frogs that jump and pee at the same time, now that's totally gross and makes me squeal like a girl!

  2. Oh gosh, how cute is this little guy! I'm just like you Kim. I would have also ran for my camera. I just took some pictures of a praying mantis that I spotted in my front garden. It's amazing how brave I got to take some up close pictures...praying the whole time that it wasn't going to fly at me. I wish we had some of these little cuties in our yard. xo :)

    1. They are precious when so tiny. The larger make this awful noise when mating or afraid. When I first moved here I thought it was a big bird squawking. Amazing how loud something so small can be.
      You'll have to post your pictures of the Praying Mantis, they're very cool. So prehistoric!


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