Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life, is what I'm up to...

I realized today that it's been a couple of weeks since my last post. A twinge of guilt tried to take hold, unsuccessfully.  I've been having a blast, so the blog was over looked for a little bit.  No guilt as I was spending time with family and wow, is that nice! 

My daughter came home from Germany to visit for a bit.  She's expecting my very first grandchild!  Yay!! to us.  She looks amazing, has that glow business down pat.  

We spent a couple of days working on a one of kind Elephant Mobile for the babies room.  Three generations with a fourth maybe listening to the happy sounds of creativity going on.
Glowing darling daughter.
Busy creative minds.
Finished one of a kind mobile,
designed by Whitney Hussey©2014
Stitched lovingly by
Gramme Em, Mom [moi], & Whitney!*
Up close with a bit of Christmas tree sparkle to add to the magic.
In the evenings...I've been stitching on 'Santa Up Close', guide coming right along.  Today, I wrapped up the 'Camel Flowers' guide!  Happily busy as the sun brightly shines into my little work space.  Yes to those who know me...I'm in the purple chair.  Chance at my side.
'Santa Up Close'
a Kimberly design©
Chance, silent support.
My constant companion,
Sir Chancelot.


  1. Happy New Year, Kim! A first grand baby...what awesome news!!! I LOVE the elephant mobile you girls stitched up. How adorable is that! Such a nice peek at your beautiful family! xoxo

    1. Happy New Year Paulette! I thought of you often as we embroidered and beaded those little elephants. You'll love this...I dragged my daughter all over town on a ruse to keep her occupied while family set up a surprise baby shower. The ruse was a search for fabric and felt to make the elephants. WE just could not find any felt that was pretty. This not really being a ruse, I totally forgot about my purchase of a tall stack of colored wool felt from over a year ago. Thankfully I had one of those blinding flashes and shopped at home out of one of my stash drawers!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter -- you will be the most gorgeous grandmother ever -- and that lucky baby will no doubt have lots of beautiful stitchy treasures.

    1. Thank you Nancy! Sweet baby is totally going to be the best dressed baby. Mom and I already have little tiny knit sweaters on the needles. Doesn't take long to knit a sweater that is only 6" to the underarm decrease! Love it.

  3. Kim, exciting news. Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful, like her mom.
    The elephant mobile is adorable. I know this baby is going to bring out more creative projects and lots of joy.
    Happy New Year!

  4. We are very excited here, thank you for all the great compliments!
    Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Congratulations to all!! Grands are so much fun - spoil 'um and give them back.

    The Dragons were a real hit as Xmas gifts - thanks.

    Scratch Chance for me...

    1. Happy New Year Kathy! Glad to read that Avery's Dragons were a hit!
      Chance says thank you for the scratch :-) I think he misses all the ladies from the shop. Not that he is lacking attention by any means here.


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