Wednesday, August 6, 2014


If I had to put the last week into one would be 'full'.  Not just the normal, wow, I've been busy full. 

My Mom and I quietly began our journey home to the mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania last Friday. As we arrived at our gate and found a nice spot to sit, the attendant at the gate announced that she had the 'sad privilege' to announce that our flight had brought home a fallen soldier, a young Marine.  The entire population at the gate stood and proceeded to the windows to watch a full color guard carefully guide this young mans coffin off the plane. 

This in and of itself was amazing to watch.  To my Mom and I it was all the more heart wrenching as we were taking a veteran of our own home to rest.  My Dad's ashes being neatly held in our carry on. So this began our journey.  I have no pictures of this event, it's all in my heart neatly stored away. 

Once home we dispersed, as my dad would have put it...the tree full of birds was shook and we all flew in different directions.  My brother and his wife were taking a longer route through NEPA and arriving the following day.  My Mom's best friend from high school folded her into their beautiful lake house with grand views of the mountains.  I found my favorite spot at the Lake with childhood friends.
The path...which has been upgraded.
As a kid it was flat rocks strategically placed and I don't remember a handrail
Lake Winola as seen from the porch of Sunset Hill.
aka. The Shebby's
Porch sitting and stitching, can't get any better than this for me.
Sunset Hill
Lynore, Lenny, and me.  We've been a set for many years and never miss a beat when we manage to be together. Mom Shebby referred to me as 'the third twin' growing up and still does. Being home with them for even just a day or two was a gift.
The weather man threatened the entire time to deluge us with rain and happily, he was wrong.  We had a wonderful day that started with handmade floats for the Lake Regatta. Throughout the day we watched as the next generation took over the making of the dock display for the nights events.  A huge tarp was painted and signs were made, music was arranged, costumes put together and in the was a huge Gameboy display commemorating 25 years.  Can you believe it, no wonder that song never goes out of my head entirely!  They had a blast and the hard work paid off in a first place dock display in the animation category.  Below are the two lead characters.  I call them 'the newlyweds' as they happen to be Lynore's youngest and his new wife.
Mario & Luigi aka Amy & Jacob.
Dark of night and bright spots made it hard to
photograph these two in action.
This is a longer post than normal and not much to do with stitching.  More of life and what comes and goes. Our time was full as I wrote above.  The tree of birds came back together to celebrate our Aunt's 80th at a local restaurant called Twigs. We had a wonderful time 'full' of laughter and old stories. As well as, 'what have you been up to' news was shared.  Family and friends, it's good.   

Our small town has only changed just a little, which thrilled me. So many places I've lived changed so much they are no longer recognizable. Not so with Tunkhannock, main street shop fronts have changed but the layout is pretty much the same. There are not a million stop lights and the urban sprawl is not like I've seen elsewhere. All of this comforted me, I like that it's stayed small. The area is lush and green, the trees tower and the mountains hold it all together.  

All of this made the end of my stay easier.  As we laid my Dad to rest a Hawk called out above us and soared off towards one of those glorious mountains.  


  1. Lovely account of a missed weekend (for me). Thanks for sharing, Kim.

    1. Missed you and Joe too. Although, I know you had a lovely time in Maine, not to be missed. I won't wait another 12 years this time!

  2. It sounds like a perfect way to spend time with loved ones, both family and friends.

  3. Kim, this is a beautiful post. Your memories of this special time will be ones to cherish. I love your phrase, " in my heart neatly stored away."

  4. Hi Sarah,
    There was so much to tell, I thought this was going to be a hard post to write. The beautiful time I had with family & friends made the writing flow easily.


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