Wednesday, October 15, 2014

design time...

...balanced with stitching time. 
Sometimes these two happen naturally, sometimes...not so much. 
Today I was counting out the border along the right hand side
...and I screwed it up.  
Ugh...the debate in my head is to start totally over 
or white it out and re count. 
Cute snail, cute flower, cute snail, cute oops, off center.
Are you doing a happy dance that I count this out for you!??
'Little Dancer'©2014
Getting a feel for color 
before putting brush to canvas.
This is typically how I 'do' it.
Coils...couched...sort of.
I laid a base of diagonal satin with Very Velvet, then coiled the Memory Wire. There is one tiny couch stitch at the very center
and then just around the outside coil.
Tiny ribbon flowers have been re stitched since you last saw a picture of this corner in my world of stitching.
As I worked another area my thread caught one of the Montano knots several times...another ugh. I think the end result is 'cuter' sometimes frustration leads to better results.
Our little Emma the world traveler,
here she is in Belgium looking her cutest ever!
Besides exploring the globe, she is sitting up and cutting teeth. There is just so much happening in her world! So much to be grateful for, her sweet smile makes my miscount of cute snail and flower border a mute point. I find myself just staring at her pictures and are we grandparents not the luckiest,
I get videos too!


  1. Emma really is too darn cute!!! Hugs to you and virtually to Emma.

  2. Love the design; your stitching is bringing it to life. And love that little cutie-patootie.

  3. Thank you Ruth and Sara Leigh! See you so soon Ruth and hope you can pop up for a visit Sara Leigh! I'll have the above piece with me, maybe even finished...
    Today in the life of little Emma...she rolled over! An amazing fait accompli !

  4. Love your stitching! Little Dancer is beautiful, by the way.

    1. Thank you Jane! I'm anxious to get painting today. The house is a mess with construction...very hard to concentrate. However, I did get the border re counted, painted out with white and starting over. Ahh, life is for living, I seem to have days where I do the cha cha a lot :-)


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