Sunday, December 28, 2014

Little Birds Pillow...
Emma with Emma's pillow
just for her by her Mimi!!
What a poser, she's perfect!
Not the least bit prejudice, am I??
Three pictures came,
all too cute to choose just one!
Celebrating the holiday with all of us somewhat scattered across the globe is always interesting. We seem to manage just fine though. There will come a year when we are happily all in one place together. And won't that be the best ever. 

Until then, I'm extremely happy to be blessed with two fabulous kids, a wonderful caring son in law, and the best grandbaby ever. 

My Mom and I spent the day with my brother and sis in law, eating way too many goodies and exchanging special gifts. 
Very blessed times.
This grocery store bought cactus is not one to disappoint.
Three years in a row, just in time for Christmas too.
Amazing color, amazing blooms!
Making one corner of my new studio
very colorful indeed.
Tree has to be in front of a window, right?
Makes taking a picture complicated though.
Like my small skinny tree all decked out.
Another colorway from last weeks
free charted design.
Click here for Gallery of Trees


  1. Beautiful pillow! And what a wonderful keepsake it will be. However, if that was one of my kids, it would already have spit up on it. :)

    1. Could happen, although if it happened while she was loving it, that would be okay. ;-)

  2. Beautiful pillow and granddaughter, cactus, skinny tree, and ornament! You are surrounded by love and beauty. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Sara Leigh. Life is good :-)
      Happy New Year to you too!


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