Thursday, December 11, 2014 busy to blog!

 I'm writing, wrapping, shipping,
and then...I'm going to yoga!
Positive I can catch you up next week, same time, same channel!
Om Namaste everyone
Remember this guy...
'Santa Up Close'©
he's available for your holiday
stitching with guide by moi!
Original art by moi from 2009


  1. Wonderful Santa! I am interested in the price of purchasing canvas and guide. Do I do this through you or Ruth? Hope you are finding peace amid the busyness of the holiday. It's my challenge every year.

    1. Hi Catherine, through your local shop, via Ruth or directly through Ruth if of course she is that local shop for you :-)

      I find peace all the time pretty much, even when I'm zipping around here. It's the only way to fly!

      Happy Christmas to you!

    2. have mastered peace! With 2 teenagers at home, I'm not too hard on myself. I'm peaceful a lot. And December is typically a challenging month...just a lot to do. But each year I take a step forward. :) I'll give Ruth a holler about Santa.


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