Wednesday, June 10, 2015

my adventure to Houston ...

Chandail, a must if you're ever in the Houston area!

Saira has a secret ... she is a thread collector! 
Since I was remiss in taking a picture of her thread stash, 
you'll have to visit this lovely colorful shop to see 
'the secret garden'.
Not really a secret but, upon entering the shop, 
you do not see any threads, 
they are all tucked safely away around the corner 
from the hot sunshine of Houston in their own private space. 
It's like finding a magnificent forest of color.
Precious students ...
Rebecca, happily stitching away on her ribbon flowers.
At this point I'd only taught them one version of the 
several versions of Bullions I have in this piece. 
Ilene was a trooper, as hearing the word Bullion 
sent her close to the edge by the end of the first day. 
Alison in the background was the class 'turbo' stitcher, beautiful work!
I had a wonderful time getting to know all these ladies.
 I was also able to see long time friends that traveled down from Austin. 
How awesome is that! 
The farthest traveler was Renee from Dallas! 
All of us were very surprised to learn that Jenn, 
who is pictured above in the group is very new to needlepoint ... 
like MONTHS! 
She was not afraid of anything and her work is beautiful!

Stay tuned, we had such an amazing time, 
I'm already booked for next April!


  1. Kim, glad your Houston trip was a huge success. Lucky ladies that get to study with you!
    Happy Summer!

    1. The weather was a little iffy but thankfully we mostly stayed dry. I was keeping a close eye on Austin and Houston's weather in the days leading up to my departure. What a deluge.
      Happy Summer to you too! May Lake Travis stay full without over flowing.

  2. Beautiful design, beautiful teacher!!!

    1. Beautiful compliments, I'm humbled. Thank you.


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