Sunday, June 14, 2015

small bits...

... a new adventure ... this is one kind of happy for me. 
Just drawing. 
Of course, these bits will turn into larger bits 
with huge amounts of color and then ... 
but of course, they'll be enhanced with threaded needle! 
Another kind of happy is new mechanical pencils. Yeah!
These bits are only 5"square ... for now.
Details ... can bog me down. Like what I've finally worked out.
My Castle, My Dragon©
He has a name ... Harumph!
said grumpily with some air behind the 'rumph' part.
This may change as he becomes happier
with his adornments, for now he's not
doing well with my slowness in getting him stitched.


  1. Love Harrumph!!! Can't wait until he's finished!

    1. Me too! There is so much waiting in the wings ;-)
      Many new adventures ...

  2. You're so funny, Kim! Harrumph is looking quite handsome already! Your drawings are wonderful ... and I'm sure whatever they turn into will be wonderful too! xo


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