Friday, August 21, 2015

Camels and flowers ...

Recently my stitchy friend Sara Leigh posted the beginnings 
of her work on my Camel Flowers painted canvas design.  
I'd told her the story of how they came to be 
and she suggested I share the story with 'more' of you.

So, once upon a time my sweet friend Kim Hollifield 
had two camels from Petei Designs that she 
wanted dressed up a little bit more with 'saddles'.  
She asked if I'd paint them and of course, I did! 

I enjoyed doing something different and helping her out. 
Kim is an awesome finisher of stand up needlepoint designs 
as well as ornaments and stockings. 
Over the years she's finished many pieces for me. 
Some were rather odd requests, I remember a small crazy purse 
but we won't visit that today.

Above are the two painted saddles. 
Now, as I painted these, I saw flower possibilities. 
Yes, my mind works in mysterious ways.

Look how awesome they are as saddles 
for these two nativity pieces.
Kim stitched and finished beautifully. 
Love the added bullion cord and tassels too!
Click here to visit her Facebook business page to learn more!
'Camel Flowers'©
My version! or warped vision :)

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