Wednesday, October 28, 2015

another adventure!
Preliminary tracings of magic ...
All that magic in one tube ...
winging our way North to the New England states.
First stop,
my cousin and his partners beautiful home.
The property is landscaped to the nines!
My gracious cousin Jeff & Moi
touring a few wineries on
a gorgeous Fall day.
Mineral Hills Winery
Through the wonder of the internet I met
'one of my tribe'
A woman with the same passion for color that I have.
She saw my Magic Carpet I painted in my studio 
and asked if I'd paint it for her in her beautiful home.
I'm honored that a piece of my art is now a part of her collection.

Big finish for me!
Actually, huge, four by seven feet!
There was a time when no wall went untouched in my home.
A mural such as this, I'd never attempted before.
I LOVE the Fall color in this Ornamental Cabbage,
A feast for the eyes during a paint break.
Next stop in my adventure ...
time with my two favorite girls!
My wonderful son in law is now teaching
for the next two to three years at West Point.
Recently promoted to Major too!
We're all very proud.
Of course, I have to have a basketweave travel piece going.
More on this later.


Thank you for popping in.
Have a great day,