Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1!!

Seems like yesterday we were still in August! 
Where did September go??
These beautifully fall colored Echinacea
greeted us as we entered our local museum
Sunday afternoon.
I love these flowers in all colors! Mostly I've seen them
in the deep fuchsia I love so much.
I was going to be totally selfish with this piece,
keep it just for moi.
A piece was needed to demonstrate finishing
for my ongoing classes in Orlando at
The Black Sheep
So I pulled colors I love and the magic happened.
Ruth said NO, you have to share.
So, I am going to use this one as a teaching piece.
I have several places to submit to for classes, 
nice to have something ready.
His spikes are growing and soon to sparkle!
I decided on Raised Stem, I'd totally
forgotten about this gem of a stitch!
Look at that dimension!
I found a wonderful stitch for the sky to try out from 
Sheena's Sweet Stitches!
Amazing where we all find inspiration!

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  1. The stitch looks fabulous, glad you could use it😺 I love this piece😊


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