Friday, March 25, 2016


When I was a kid ...
not that long ago!
I had a long bus ride back and forth from school.  
As I stitched on the little mushrooms in this piece 
I remembered drawing in the condensation on the bus windows ....
mushrooms, happy faces, peace signs 
and didn't everyone make "Hang Ten" feet with the 
side of your hand and fingertips for the toes???
Of course, now happy faces are called emoji ...
go figure?
"Tree of Life"
The next design in my series of The Nine,
Just how much can you pack into a five inch square design??
Don't ask!
Class sign ups are ongoing for this piece!
The first of two will be April 9 at
The Black Sheep Shop
in Orlando.
Call or click away for info.
Basketweave beading with a few ribbon flowers tossed in.
My tree has tiny little beaded Bluebirds too!
I know many of you are afraid of ribbon embroidery ...
BUT! If ... you can relax with it,
you'll change your own mind.
Beads, little stump work with felt, polka dots for fun,
and my mushrooms from the sixties ... bus windows.
Happy Easter!!
Emma will be two very soon! This adorable picture
was after her very first Easter Egg Hunt!
She is the sweetest granddaughter ever!


  1. I love the colors in this design. You really do pack a lot into a 5 x 5 space.

    1. Hi Sara Leigh,
      I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Thank you for always checking out my posts!

  2. What fun designs you have for Black Sheep! People are very lucky to be able to take the classes from you at the store :)

    1. Hi Sheena!
      I'm lucky too, what a great group of women I've met here.
      These canvases are available through The Black Sheep for anyone wanting to ghost along with us 😊
      Hope you had a great Easter.

  3. Awesome! Love it! Happy Easter!

    1. Hi Catherine!
      Happy Easter to you as well!!


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