Wednesday, July 6, 2016


... life is a journey ...
This phrase has been repeating 
through my brain today.

I've been lucky to have many.
They started at the tender age of two.

One month from now will find me here.
I've no idea who took this picture ...
but I thank you.
These mountains, the valley, the river that flows through ...
this is my home and holds my heart.

I can't believe I left 40 years ago!
So many journeys I've had since.

This morning found me wondering 
when I might come upon a clearing 
on my path where my brain and heart say ...
this is it, this is the place you'll stay.

Until then ... this is where I am today.
Starting a new piece and dreaming up new.
"Curly Flower"©
is next in The Nine series for
The Black Sheep Shop
class time is 
September 10th & 11th, 2016
Hope you can join us for a weekend of FUN stitching!
Click the link or call to sign up!
407 . 894 . 0444

Check back for updates on my adventures!
... of course, you'll want to see what I come
up with for this crazy flower!


  1. Are you heading out on a journey soon??

  2. Have fun where ever the journey takes you. '-)

    1. Hi Sarah!
      40th high school reunion! From there I'm headed further North for precious time with both of my kids, son in law and wonderfully precocious granddaughter!


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