Monday, February 12, 2018

I know...I know...

I've been rather quiet ...
but ...
I've been rather busy doing more art.
Soon ...
they'll be something I can share.
In the meantime ...
I'm creating and of course, 
it's colorful!
Me too, pay attention to me ...
Of course ... this is just a portion
of the pile of threads I'm playing with.
I need MORE !
You just thought this was going to be easy Mom ...
Hmmmm ....
"DRAGON and Son"
We did release another of my Dragons.
He's looking so impressed with himself 
as the little one peeks down from above.
"DRAGON & Son" 
is available now through my distributor
Ruth Schmuff Designs


  1. I'll just wait over here. Patiently. Okay, I'm tapping my foot.

    1. I hear your foot and raise you one cramped hand [gripped around paintbrush or needle]


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