Monday, June 10, 2019

photo finish....

Many of you know I wear several hats ...
so to speak.
I started my journey as an illustrator.
Then I rediscovered fiber ... 
it had always been a presence 
in my life.  I don't think any 
of the women in my family
didn't do some kind of hand work ... always.
Even the men were enlisted to 
needlepoint backgrounds
 when a set of six chair seat 
cushions was desired
by the matriarch, aka. Gramma.

So, I was taught to basketweave 
at a very young age, 
sitting still for that long was 
not my forte.
At age ten my teacher announced 
to my entire class,
'your mother can draw, so I'm sure you can too'.
The assignment was to draw 
clouds for a science project.
Hardest thing in the world to make look real, 
in my humble opinion.

My journey will always be around my talents.
AND I love that!

I love to draw, I could sit and draw for hours.
Of course, life interrupts.
My drawings are presently centered around
ideas for a new body of work.
Each piece is to be 5" square,
each very abstract,
each as colorful as I want,
each loaded with treasures,
rebellious stitching!
the first abstract in this series.
Original Freeform 
mixed media fiber art.
This will be floated into a shadow box 
and available in August at the
Fine Art at the Magnolia
artisan show.
Original Sketch
[prints available]
contact me via
Oh how I love bullions,
floating on these are chipped
real metal thread.
Couched Japan Gold that
catches the light beautifully.
Beginnings of the bead pile.
That's about four layers of
wool felt appliqued to the center.
So much fun ...
I have drawers full of treasure.
No idea where these wonderful green beads
came from originally but they're perfect.
When you finish a piece around
midnight and
start playing with
your phone camera.
Love this shot.
.... and this one.


  1. I love this! I enjoy seeing some of the progression from drawing to finished piece. I really do love your process.

    1. Thank you Sara Leigh! I’m going to keep rolling with these, a lot to accomplish by August. However, grandkids arrive tomorrow and they will have my full attention for a few days 🥰

  2. Kimbery - This is fantastic! I love everything from the exploding flower to those scrumptious beads! xo, Catherine

    1. Hi Catherine! Thank you so much. I had a blast with this one and am already diving into the next.

  3. Kimberly, this is Debbie Wallerstein. I think this piece is fantastic! I agree with Sara Leigh, watching the process is fascinating!

    1. Hi Debbie! Thank you for identifying yourself. 😎 Happy to hear from you and happy to hear you liked my process. It can get convoluted at times but I love it.

  4. Such talent. So innovative, so fresh, so lovely.


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