Friday, April 16, 2021

process... journey... adventure

 When my daughter was small, she was gifted a 

talking teddy bear, he was all about 'adventure'.

To this day I hear his little recorded voice when I

talk about adventure. 

The voice was so full of 


My life continues to be a journey 

with adventure around many corners.

Hope for a new balance now is huge!

Below are progress shots of my newest design.

Sure to be an adventure when I start pulling

fibers and stitching. 

This all happened because Ruth posted 
these cool glass beads she'd discovered on line. 
That same evening I went down a 
rabbit hole looking at 
beautiful glass beads on line.

I felt a need to DO something and started to draw. 
My all time favorite way to ART. 
The drawings became paintings and one
 of the paintings became Marbles One.
Now, let me introduce you to Marbles Two!

It is an adventure and sometimes a struggle 
to decide how to paint a piece 
for you to stitch. 
I have to make my brain think about 
how the piece will be interpreted with a 
plethora of different fibers and beads.
I also have to think about how 
to make what's in my head
translate in the written word to you.
Luckily now, I can take a zillion photos
to use in my guides along 
with numbered charts.
thank you to those that edit my words 
for each stitch guide I compose. 
They have become very
proficient at taking out my awful grammar 
but not the conversation 
I hold with you the stitcher.

Ta-Da!! Flowing or rolling into
'Marbles Two'
As a kid, the front yard of my grade school
became a marble playing arena.
I still have my crown royal bag of 
marbles with one steely!
Most of the girls played jacks,
a rebel from the start, I liked
marbles way better.

On a side note...
I love to read, 
I love illustrated children's books.
This morning I popped into my favorite
local book store to pick up a new treasure.
Of course, I came home with two!
A book full of illustrated Faeries and 
one of illustrated stories.
IF you're ever in Central Florida
Lakeland specifically...
you simply must visit this 
wonderful little treasure shop.
owned by the equally colorful
Sandi Silverman

I'm all about being a mischievous fairy. 
This is currently under construction, two pages
of hand written decorative stitching ideas to 
get into the computer and diagram. 
Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

dipping my toe ...

Getting back out there is going to be a slow, 
steady process.
The flying part was stressful. 
Just no two ways about it.

The teaching part, 

I had a small class of socially distanced students.
The class was a complete departure from the norm.

Why NOT? You could say I'm just rolling with it! 

I presented the idea of a 
"Choose Your Own Journey" 
class platform to the owners of 
The Needle Works
last February and I'm infinitely glad for it.

The perimeters were that each student 
choose a piece from my line available through 

Each student came to class with 
their own set of questions. 
I was there for three days to work 
through all of them 
with each student. 

Total immersion!

They loved it! 
They loved setting the pace! 
As a result,
the pace was casual and
they all learned from each other.

If I'd taught a project class... 
Completely different, 
I have a schedule of what needs to 
be covered during class time, 
when best to do it and
how long we'll spend on each section. 
Which is great and 
the way I am use to teaching. 
Now, I have two
ways to teach and I am 
a happy camper doing both!

Images of threads displayed at The Needle Works in Austin, TX

is thread heaven!

Fabulous classroom, this was taken
before opening, it was so well
organized and peaceful.
I had to document it.

Any of you that have worked one of my painted
canvas guided designs... 
well, you know I love texture.
Which I often accomplish with beautiful 
One of my students focused completely on 
this for most of the first day.
Her piece had three different bullions with 
three different threads.
Above is her practice canvas, 
this woman was determined!
By George, I think she's got it!

They are all smiling under those mask!!
Some of the stitches taught were,
pulled work needle weaving, sequin application, 
string art, ribbon embroidery, 
applique, copper mesh wings,
I also showed them how I finish and frame.

Keep an eye out for a repeat of this 
class platform next year.

Back home and after taking Mum for her 
second covid shot and finally getting an
appointment for my first ...
I have resumed work on my painting
for the 
FLOWERS! Florida in Art show 
coming up.
Opening will be June 11.
[I'll post again before then]

Every line of my Passion Flower
is fine line brush work. One of my
favorite ways to ART!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Catch Me Up!

To say there is no moss growing here,
would be an understatement.
A busy bee I have been.

At the end of last year I decided to enter a local show
featuring 'Found Objects',

Since I have a few, 
my brain was formulating a 
design where not only 
could I use a few of these objects but
I could also play with some new to me fibers.
A win win. 
Sadly, it did not get a mention in the 
show but the other piece I entered did.
So Yay and Yay!
Since I truly enjoyed working this design, 
it is getting
it's moment to shine here.

'Wire and Rock'
original, one of a kind
for purchase, inquire at

Happy Christmas to Moi!
I am blessed to have a very talented circle of friends.
Kimberly Miller being one of those, I absolutely 
love her work. Saw this sculpture and had to have it!
Check out her work here...

My long time friend and distributor, 
Ruth Schmuff is fabulous at
having my belt designs made up into wearable art.
The belt designs are great carry around projects. 

If you're needing a 
'stuff in your bag stitch and go project',
here's the link.

A couple of sweet central Florida towns away 
from me is Lake Wales. 

is housed here in the most beautiful building
 with a rich history.
But before I get carried off in that story...
they have a beautiful gallery too 
and a fabulous director, Amanda McCallister, 
who is doing a fantastic job of scheduling 
shows and classes.
[click on the name to read all about it]

The above piece is for a show coming up in March.
The show will feature art made during the pandemic.
I chose to do a piece focused on hope.
My 'Dove of Peace' mask is wrapping our planet
with it's soft wings of healing energies.

If you are in the area, come see the show.

I have my brain focused on this event next.
[along with many other projects...classes and zooms]
Studio time is shortly going to be devoted to
painting this glorious Passion Flower.
I shot this at the end of 2019 while strolling
the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. I did not 
know I'd have a chance to render it and be in 
such a wonderful show.
There is a Facebook page you can follow
for peeks at what all the artists are up to.

Planning and plotting...
Above is me visiting my beginnings in the 
needlework industry. I have been asked to teach
a beginner class in needlepoint several times.

Since I'm not one for working little squares 
of different stitches, I designed the above piece.
'Beginner with a Twist'
We start in the very center with a square of Tent 
stitch and build out with decorative stitches.
At the end, we circle back to that center square
to work my favorite type of stitching.
String Art over the Tented square.
No way will you be bored learning to
needlepoint different stitches with this design.
It is simply painted to guide in direction 
on 13 count canvas.
I'll announce dates and times when they 
materialize. We are still being very careful
to socially distance. Since this has to be an
'in person' class, we'll just have to
 practice patience.

Just to expand my knowledge...
My friend and artist
Sherry Ross and I periodically 
spend a Saturday here and there 'Arting'.
One of those was spent exploring Gouache Paint.
I had read that you could draw on top of
it's velvety finish. This was a huge 
deal to Moi, as I love color and as you
know, I LOVE line!

Love the colorful sunsets 
through my 
small studio window.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Being human...

Happy Holidays! 

I just sent off a newsletter full of information 

and happy occurrences during this time of isolation.

If you wish to be included please send me your email address to

make the subject:  newsletter 

First order of business in this post is to bow deeply for my

typo in above newsletter. I can not believe I misspelled 

Ruth Schmuff's last name!! We've only been friends and a force together

in the industry for approximately 28 years!

She texted me laughing out loud, that's a true friend!

Next order of business...


Looking ahead to February. 

My classes have students but we are still hoping to fill 

at least one more 'socially distanced' chair at

 The Needle Works 

in Austin, Texas for my 'Choose Your Own Journey' class. 

This is a unique opportunity to stitch any piece from my line of 

painted canvases and have me at your beck and call for 

three days of fabulous stitching. 

There is still time to sign up and get your favorite design. 

The class runs February 19, 20 & 21.

The Needle Works assures me that all precautions are being 

taken for everyone's safety.

The class is small in size in their beautiful large classroom, 

plenty of space to spread out.

In other news ...

I've been exploring and learning, stretching

my creativeness with new to me techniques.

Above is this years Christmas Card.

Every year I create a new holiday card.  This year I decided

to spread my wings and try something different.

The painting is 16" x 20" rendered in a way that

colors are layered to create the shading. 

This is sooooo different than my normal approach.

When I paint needlepoint canvas, every color is mixed or

bought to use directly. There is little blending, sometimes

I may bleed two colors together but never as I did

on this painting. 

Best part of this, I had a blast and I want to do more.

I'll never give up line drawings, they sooth my brain.

I'm totally focused when working with lines, 

my meditation.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Grateful ...

 This year has been a test ...

Growing up the TV would periodically go into 'TEST' mode.

It was like the outer limits was taking over, it would buzz loudly ...

a different screen would appear and ...

the collective 'we' thought 

nothing of it!

I'm not sure what brought me to the above but

it's been that kind of year and here we are at the end 

of November.

My focus has been to be 


To focus on what I have ...

Like a new grandson!

His two amazing siblings!

My daughter and son,

who both hold my heart.

Having my Mom here!

My family, my friends,

my creativity and my wild imagination that fuels it!

I was recently honored to win an award for my work.

With all that has been going on, I've begun to enter local 

gallery shows. It gets my work out there and keeps me

motivated to do MORE.

Therefore, you could have knocked me over with a feather

when I won an 'Award of Excellence' 



Friday, October 16, 2020

Looking forward ...

 To say it's been a different world,
understatement comes to mind.

As the title of this post implies,
I'm looking forward with hope 
for more balance.

Safe, social distance smart classes
are on the schedule.

February will see me flying non stop to 
Austin Texas to teach for 
The Needle Works
a different kind of experience we're calling
'Choose Your Own Journey'
follow the link for more information.
It's going to be great fun!
February 19, 20 & 21, 2021

To keep the needles flying,
'Father and Son'
February 27, 28 & March 1, 2021
I put my heart into each piece I create.
This one is no different but WOW! Did I 
have fun and is he ever a proud dragon.

Father and Son, original hand painted needlepoint canvas.

'Father and Son'
aka 'Pater and Filius'
first flying lesson
This design took on a life all it's own.
From the brocade like borders to the use of
real metal paillettes to add all kinds of shine.
You will learn gobs of technique with this design.

Father and Son, hand painted needlepoint canvas original

Monday, September 14, 2020

the journey ...

I'm only '62' but ...
over the years I've learned ...
one or two things here and there ...
one important piece of information that
was passed on to me when my two were littles ...
'you're only as good as your next piece'
This hit me as harsh but
I saw the truth in those words.
So they immediately became motivational.

This morning I watched a video clip a friend does
on artists called
The artist spoke of how a creative can feel a bit of a let down 
when finishing a piece.
My mind understood this and his next words
resonated as well. 
I can feel this way when I finish a piece that I've been so 
focused on. However, it doesn't last long because
I'm already turning to the next. It's usually already drawn
or painted and staring at me with a small pile of 
materials I've begun to gather. And the thoughts of 
'what crazy idea will come to life on this piece' ...
after all ... You are only as good as your next piece!!
... and that my friends is freaking exciting to Moi!

My day typically starts with a large strong cuppa Chai.

Father and Son beginnings

To begin a canvas, I usually see how
much I can pull from my limited stash.
Ideas are normally hand written and changed
as the piece often tells me a different story 
once I begin working. 

the Son, stitched

I still can't remember what I was thinking 
when I decided to add this little one peeking
over the top of the big guy.
...and so the story in my head started.

Father, right side

He soon became the son to this massive
amazing Father dragon.
The father told me his son was 
being very reluctant about
his first flying lesson.

Philly Wallpaper

I take a ton of pictures, I always have.
Even before camera phones!
My brain sees patterns.
I was an extreme Tetris player
at one point ... until I realized what 
a time waster it was. Many other
things to do that were so much 
more creative.
The above became the background.

Father, left side

... or is this my best side?
'Father and Son, first flying lesson'

This is being taught for 
in Houston, Texas
June 4, 5 and 6, 2021

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

smiles ....
[titled long before our world changed]

I know this year has qualified for many of you, 
on so many levels, as 
'the worst'
but ...
I've witnessed and continue to witness 
joy, beauty, & little miracles.

I could write a dozen blogs listing them all.

I do recognize that I've had fear, sadness ...
and a couple times felt myself plunge
into a pool of depressed feelings ...
still, there is that ...but
I have plenty to be grateful for.
First and foremost on a personal note ...
a new grandchild is due October first.
The force is strong in this one for sure!
My sweet niece had her babe arrive into
this world well ahead of schedule ...but
this one too is feisty and strong.
Every day I read of her growing and 

My year started off with many classes, I met
with long time friends and new to me stitchers.
Had I not had this good fortune, not sure I'd have
kept my head above water these last few months.
So a huge thank you to all who made that possible.

I've sold several original pieces, started a news letter,
written on this blog! I've designed and painted 
several new pieces that will eventually 
debut when life once again becomes

I'm just back from my first bit of travel to teach.
I'd like to give a shout out to Tampa International
for their vigilance in social distancing.

I taught for Labors of Love in Atlanta.
Mark and crew were fantastic!
I did not feel uneasy at all, tables were
arranged and students were spread out
[unless they arrived together].
Luis handed me a marvelous contraption to 
wear so all could hear me.  A shield that fit
over my glasses and covered my face completely.
I'm soft spoken, hearing me through a mask
simply wasn't working.  The shield was perfection.
Beautiful shop, beautiful people!
this is more wordy than my typical blog.
Obviously I had a lot on my mind that 
needed to jump out.

I wish you all peaceful and healthy days!

[if you'd like to be added to my newsletter for 
updates on classes and new work, 
email me at 
....make subject 'newsletter']

Friday, July 17, 2020

developing doodles ....

... once upon a time ...
I was playing with my adorable
granddaughter. As any adult comes to learn,
the best toy is most likely the box 
it arrived in.

Decorating it can be the best fun....
and sometimes, every once in a while,
my brain takes it further.
No rules when coloring on a cardboard box!
Taking it a step further,
thinking about color and stitches
for needlepoint canvas.
Initial lines drawn before adding paint.
Doodles are important for all of us.
It helps me to think.
'Abstract Vase'
will be added to the line this fall.
Watch for it and several other new designs.
'Abstract Vase'
Black and White high quality prints
are available.
Inquire by email to